A mente que se abre a uma nova idéia jamais voltará ao seu tamanho original.

The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.

Albert Einstein

Quando vamos até o fundo do mar, descobrimos que ali jamais poderíamos viver sozinhos.
Então levamos mais alguém.E esta pessoa, chamada de dupla, companheiro ou simplesmente amigo, passa a ser importante para nós.Porque, além de poder salvar nossa vida, passa a compartilhar tudo que vimos e sentimos.E em duplas, passamos a ter equipes, e estas passam a ser cada vez maiores e mais unidas.

E assim entendemos que somos todos velhos amigos mesmo que não nos conheçamos.E esse elo que nos une é maior que todos os outros que já encontramos.E isso faz com que nós mais do que amigos, sejamos irmãos.Faz de nós, mergulhadores.

( Jacques Yves Cousteau)

Vídeos: MAR e Oceanos (movimente com (setas para baixo e PGDN)


Cristina Zunino

(Andando no BLOG (setas para baixo e PGDN)

O BLOG do mergulhador é a total dedicação ao mergulhador, as notícias, os eventos, aos mergulhos e opniões dos mergulhadores.

Levando os oceanos, mares e a vida marinha até você.

Um trabalho feito ao que nós amamos.

Um BLOG , sem fins lucrativos com o objetivo de desenvolver, divulgar, promover e incentivar atividades no mergulho que possibilitem a conservação do meio ambiente e dos recursos naturais.

The BLOG is dedicated to the diver, news, events, to dives and opinions of the divers, taking the oceans, seas and marine life to you.
A work we love.
Diver's blog is a nonprofit blog with the goal of developing, disseminating, and encouraging activities in the diver world allowing the conservation of the environment and natural resources.
Cristina Zunino
PADI-Nr.0712035737 - AOWD

quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

Buddy Dive Resort !

With as many as 60 officially listed dive sites on Bonaire and another 20 dive sites on Klein 
Bonaire, the dive operation at Buddy Dive Resort is geared up for you to make the most out 
of your dive vacation. With a fleet of custom dive boats and a well stocked 'Drive Thru' 
offering air and nitrox tanks, every divers needs can be satisfied. To help us keep our 
reef environment healthy for many years to come, we do encourage all divers traveling 
to Bonaire to familiarize themselves with the Marine Park Regulations prior to their visit.

Bonaire's sea abounds with beautiful marine life and a fascinating variety of multi-colored 
tropical fish. The sea is remarkably calm and conditions are superb for both scuba diving and snorkeling.
On average, Bonaire's visibility exceeds 100 feet (30 meters) and our average water 
temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit (29c). The fringing reef begins close to the shore,
usually a short 30 foot (10 meter) swim or less, making Bonaire world renowned for its ease of shore diving.
Bonaire's waters offer something special for every diver. Novice divers will appreciate 
the calm waters, reefs that run parallel to shore, and minimal currents. These conditions 
make it an ideal location to really work on improving those buoyancy skills! And the abundance 
of marine life living along the shallow drop-off area of the reef slope allows for maximum bottom time, 
while giving new divers an opportunity to develop a level of comfort and confidence in their newly learned skills.
All levels of divers can enjoy the freedom of our unlimited shore diving package, making as many dives as they
 want each day, according to their own safe profiles. There are plenty of 80 and 63 cubic foot air and 
Nitrox tanks available at either the Drive Thru or on the dock where there are convenient benches for 
gear set-up and two sturdy ladders that provide easy access to the water. Rinse tanks are located at 
the Drive Thru as well as on the docks where there is an extensive gear storage room. This simply makes 
diving at Buddy's easy and enjoyable.
One can join our experienced, friendly dive staff on our morning and afternoon boat dives. 
Every day of the year our custom dive boats go out to explore the many dive sites on the nearby island of Klein 
Bonaire, a short 10 minute boat ride away, or to other spectacular dive sites not accessible from shore. 
Guided day and night dives are also arranged to great sites such as the Salt Pier or Town Pier, which have 
become a Mecca for photographers. Even Klein Bonaire is visited at night on a regular boat night dive.
Buddy's is a DAN Member, as well as a PADI 5 Star Gold Palm Resort and Universal Referral Center.
 The Universal Referral designation enables Buddy Dive instructors to offer Open Water completion courses 
to students from SSI and NAUI as well as a host of other training organizations. In fact, Buddy's offers 
every level of instruction imaginable, conducted in several languages. In addition to all the standard 
PADI specialties, we also offer you the chance to become an Enriched Air Certified diver, or even try out a
As a full service dive center, we also have a complete inventory of rental gear available. 
Buddy Dive guests who prefer to purchase instead of rent will enjoy shopping at our well stocked retail shop.
 The on-property shop carries a wide range of dive and snorkel gear and accessories, as well as t-shirts, 
sandals, caps, dive lights, film and souvenirs galore!
But of all of the assets we have, it is without a doubt our incredible dive team that makes the difference 
at Buddy Dive. They are known to go out of their way to make every dive a safe and enjoyable 
experience you won’t forget. It’s this friendly, personal service that has become a trademark of Buddy Dive Resort.

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